Sunday, May 8, 2011


Century City Walk
285-287 Springvale Road
Glen Waverley

Trying to find a place to eat in central Glen Waverley on a Friday night without a booking is like trying to get a parking spot at Chadstone on Christmas fact getting a parking spot at Glen Waverley is almost as difficult.  After two knockbacks we ended up at Airstream Cafe, part of the Century City Walk complex on Springvale Road.  We’d both been there before on numerous occasions and knew we would probably get in due to the large number of it turns out we were right.

Airstream has always had a buzzing vibe about it no matter what time of day you visit.  The location is great and the menu is varied with a children’s menu also available.  However, despite the enjoyable atmosphere I’ve always found both the food and service to be somewhat hit and miss.

Unfortunately on this visit both left a lot to be desired.  Our drinks arrived promptly enough, but when our waitress still hadn’t returned to take our order 15 minutes later we were starting to get annoyed.  We weren’t impressed to find her cleaning salt and pepper shakers over at the cleaning station!  Eventually J stood up and almost grabbed her as she walked by our table.  I guess like most young people on a Friday night she would rather have been anywhere else but work...and it showed.  After our meals arrived we never saw her again.  An empty wine glass sat on the table for over 15 minutes and our plates still hadn’t been cleared when we decided we would skip dessert and hit the shops.

E had the Honey Mustard Chicken -  grilled tenderloin skewers marinated in seeded mustard served on herbed smashed potatoes with honey mustard sauce and a side salad

J had the Chicken Calzone - crushed tomato sauce, oven roasted chicken, sun dried tomatoes, avocado, mushrooms, baby spinach and mozzarella

Together we shared the Potato Wedges - seasoned wedges served with sour cream and sweet chilli with crispy bacon & mozzarella cheese (you pay $5.50 extra for the bacon and cheese)

The Honey Mustard Chicken was disappointing...the chicken was slightly overcooked, the smashed potatoes were dry and tasteless with no evidence of them being herbed.  The salad dressing was bland and lacked any tang.  The Honey Mustard Sauce was tasty but had the runny consistency of a dressing rather than a sauce.

The Chicken Calzone was burnt on the outside and had a section on the top which was too burnt to be eaten.

The wedges were great, although the $5.50 extra charge for the bacon and cheese seemed excessive.  The sour cream and sauce were ok although tasted commercially prepared.

A large range of cakes is available to choose from for dessert.  We were too full this time around but can vouch for the yummyness of the cakes from previous experience!

Great atmosphere.  Good place to go before/after movies, catch-up with friends.

Very loud so not the place to go if intimate conversation is required.  Chairs were well worn.  The big projector screen showing Fashion TV was distracting, particularly as we were seated right underneath it.

Only if we couldn’t get in anywhere else.  There are much better cafes and restaurants in the vicinity and whilst none seat as many as Airstream does, there are no excuses when you’ve been around for over 10 years.  Average.


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